Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing

Australian? But well-observed.

“True happiness, however, puts you on the edge of your seat.” Page 47.

Universal truths, wryly documented.

“I always believed, I went on, that nearly all the people on earth are self-mythologising liars who only have premonitions in hindsight.” Page 45.

Maybe from down under, but what of location?

Oddly enough, as an undercurrent, one of the thematic elements seems to deal with rituals, and to a certain extent, upending the usual, mostly religious rituals upon which our current society hinges, too, and towards, something different.

I’m not sure what, but in my day job, I speak about our societal need for “rituals,” and I’m reminded of a now defunct coffee shop location, “Take comfort in daily rituals” — yet that underscores one of the characters actions.

Bit deconstructionist, as well, and early on, I found the style off-putting, but over time, and a few pages, I warmed to it.

The afterlife, such as it might be?

‘I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by unceasing self-regard and a dopamine-addiction feedback loop. Remember the brief period when we thought multitasking would improve the human race and when low self-esteem was considered one of the western world’s greatest problems?’ Page 307.

But some is pure poetry, cf., Ginsburg.

Post-modernist, deconstructive, pandemic lit?

Well, “Here Goes Nothing.”

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