Suggestion from “sources,” and I wasn’t sure what it was, what the novel is about?

Starts out as a confessional, as in, the narrator is Chinese American, first-gen., confessing to a detective. All the pressure, and there is some kind of innate family pressure implied with the Asian-American culture.

Chinese-American culture. Where the West meets the East.

Lies. Lies we tell the detectives. Lies we tell our lawyers. Lies our lawyers tell. Lies about what the American Dream might really be.

Every so often, I think about books that I reread. One of them is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and my beat-up copy has the original artwork on the cover. Speaks to a time.

Working through to the epilogue of Counterfeit, there was a hint of the uncontrolled madness, and the savage look at the American Dream.

Excellent novel.

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