On Foot in old Austin

On Foot in old Austin

Last time I bought anything at the old Sears in Hancock Center, must’ve been around 2008. Used, reused, abandoned, retrofitted, I’m not even sure what’s what over there. Odd because I’ve worked, like almost literally, right across the street at the rock shop, for near a decade now.

This summer marks 9 years. That’s “9 years that I can recall and possibly document.”


Which put me on foot in old Austin. Almost rented an apartment across the street there, would’ve been the very early 1990s, and I couldn’t recall the specifics, either too pricey or I was too dicey. How I wound up in old East Travis Heights, which, I think, now bears another name.

Translate to a trailer park on the other side, and move around a bit, and what I did recall, I would carry, I had on me most of the time, a wallet with a frequent flyer card for Jo’s, the single location on South Congress, Little City, Texpresso, Halcyon, maybe Ruta Maya, Bouldin Creek? At any given time, I would have two or three punch cards, as that was the thing, then. I would frequent enough of the places that it was a valid pursuit. And Amy’s Ice Cream. One for there. Two or three coffee shop punch cards and an ice cream card.

Austin was a lawless frontier.

I never realized that there was a Jo’s so close at hand to the rock shop. Last time I passed that location, though, there seemed to be a drive through and it was six or eight cars deep on a warm (hot to some) summer’s morning.

Jo’s is where I first learned to love iced espresso.

On Foot in old Austin

Dr. Woo sold me cigarettes at TG&R, back when it had nickname that would now be deemed cultural inappropriate.

But was fun.

I’m like Jackson Lamb, thinking all the fun went out when we got too polite.


On Foot in old Austin

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