Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

Give me leave
To tell you once again that at my birth
The front of heaven was full of fiery shapes,
The goats ran from the mountains, and the herds
Were strangely clamorous to the frighted fields.
These signs have mark’d me extraordinary,
And all the courses of my life do show
I am not in the roll of common men.

Shakespeare’s Henry IV, part 1 (3.1.35-42)

Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

Summer Solstice, Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Cancer? June 21 4:14 AM. Mercury and Venus in Gemini are barely visible as morning stars. Venus moves into Gemini June 22, 7:35 PM. All times are, as expected, approximate.

Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

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