best pierce the ear of grief

best pierce the ear of grief

“Honest plain words best pierce the ear of grief,
And by these badges understand the King.”

    Love’s Labours Lost (5.1.687-8)

Sometime in the last year or so, fishing buddy was telling me his kid had an “active shooter drill” — in the elementary school. Local public school district, supposedly a good system. No idea. Thought it was overkill, what are the odds?

I was working on Tuesday, and when the news feeds picked it up and echoed the story, I was checking out and checking in, been staying in Austin to finish unfinished family business. In the relative media blackout, I managed to miss much of the frenzied bloodsport nature of the politics, and blame games.

best pierce the ear of grief

Don’t like the current conditions? Simple solution: vote.

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