Price Hike

Price Hike

Buddy of mine, a coastal fishing guide, he had a deal, when gas got above three dollars a gallon, he had an “added fuel charge” for his fee. Reasonable enough, he could easily burn “X” gallons running around the bay in a single afternoon, and back in the bad, old days, when gas was over three bucks a gallon, maybe a decade back? I can’t seem to find the pictures from those trips.

There was pandemic pricing, and then the face-mask pricing, and now? Fuel surcharge pricing.

Coming up on two years now, my services have stayed the same price. I have one offering, a single price, but I can always tack on “an added fuel surcharge,” if need be.

So far, the half-hour rate is the same.


Price Hike

What is going up? The real Price Hike?

    “Friends and family discounts.”

Raise them rates, for sure.


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