Just Thieves

Just Thieves

Just Thieves

Most days?

“Failure should outweigh success, that’s the way the world has to work. You know that. You see that. Just look at today. Most days are nothing more than barely contained accidents.” Page 13.

Even better as a criminal reminiscent family? Perfect before the holidays; as apt a trope as any.

I thought about a line from Hunter Thompson, “in a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” Page 96.

But is it?

Don’t know much about the author, but it’s an assured voice, addiction, bad behavior, wrapped in Neo-Noir coating.

I like the style of the narrative, the included details, the parts that are obviously skipped. There’s an echo of previous series, especially evocative of the old dime novels, and while I haven’t read many, think, it’s like The Maltese Falcon.

Sparse but not spartan.

For me, and my reading pleasure? It was the tone, the style, just simple pacing that’s entirely comfortable.

Most people have patterns, many by conscious design, but most by some unconscious clock that drives them into habits they would swear they don’t have. Page 162.

Observations, elements that adroitly slip into place that are succinct images about humanity, and telling about the character.

For me it’s a fresh, comfortable, twisted little take on the classics with post-modern updates.

Just Thieves

Just Thieves

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