Ever See Dallas from DC-9 at Night?

The Odessa Tapes

Ever See Dallas from DC-9 at Night?

Always think about that lick.

Welcome to Scorpio 2021, and quick trip for me wee mum’s birthday.

Maybe 20 years ago perhaps a little longer? I recall seeing the great Joe Ely in Ft. Worth, either Billy Bob’s or downtown, I can’t recall. Can’t be bothered to access the data on the site, either.

“When the lord was handing out soul, Dallas was busy at the bank,” or some similar stage banter.

Made me think back even further, there are two Beat poets I’ve seen live, that I know of. One was, of course, Allen Ginsberg in Austin, Book People, maybe 6 month or a year before he shuffled off the mortal coil. Middle of the Naughty Nineties. The other was Lawrence Ferlinghetti, downtown Ft. Worth, for sure, early 90’s?

That’s three poets and troubadours, one of the high plains (Joe Ely) and two Beat poets, which, for reasons I don’t understand, have lost tractions with the mid-term millennials, who, I would think, would embrace their version of writing even more so.

But I’m just a sad old man with a few books and rich memories.

Ever See Dallas from DC-9 at Night?

Part of the birthday celebration was a trip to Cedars Alamo Dallas. Old favorite from years gone by, the Alamo draft house and cinema. When I bought the tickets online, I toyed with the old seats.

Austin, when I would walk from a trailer park south of the river to the old Alamo upstairs, over the salsa bar? Monday nights were free screening at 10 PM, price, for me was a coffee and pizza, usually less than ten bucks, and if I got there at the right time? Couches in the rear of the theatre. Back left corner, stage right. The perfect seat in the house.

Took my wee Scorpio mum to see latest, maybe last real 007 movie. Much fun. Rather enjoyed the homage to previous Bond films as displayed by the high-tech toys, and the ubiquitous Walther pistol.

“Q” was played by a certain actor, and I couldn’t recall the connection. Saw him as one of the best Hamlets I’ve ever seen, on stage — Old Vic? 2003 (ish). When the lights came up on “emo” Hamlet, he took command of the stage, and the role.

    Had that one spooled up.

The movie itself, and the good food at the Alamo, all worked for a birthday.

Ever See Dallas from DC-9 at Night?

The Odessa Tapes

Dallas Alamo

The image is for the entrance hallway at that Alamo location. Despite corporate trappings, there’s still a semblance of the old rebel ideal, a certain youthful sense ever-present. No idea if that was a real poster or some retro-archive reproduction.

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