Summer Hours at the Robbers Library

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library: A Novel

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library

“Fiction, nonfiction. Biography, memoir. Science, psychology. History. Everything had its place. That was the beauty of libraries. No surprises except when someone screwed up, or was lazy, or was a thief.” Page 41.

Picked it up on the tail-end of travel, unsure of the recommendation, think it was a library book. Got to love librarians. Gatekeepers and gateways to knowledge.

It’s a comic romance of manners and set against the last part of the naughty double-aughts? Drama or comedy of manners? But not Manor-born.

Ever wonder where the term “hat trick” comes from? A quick search indicated it means three runs by the same batter, or, in its original form, three wickets — in cricket. When a player scored three wickets, the team awarded a new hat, hence the term. Libraries, books, and librarians, are important.

If one were to discover that one parent was wanted by the police, for a serious crime, could one turn in his or her parent?

Story, told in three voices, or one voice part of three people. Shifting tones, told on the heels of the financial meltdown, the Great Recession of 2008/9?

Oddly applicable to the current state of the economy.

Enjoyed it, in a lightweight, meaningful way.

Oddly wry in places, one central figure is juvenile, sentenced to work at the public library, for stealing a dictionary. Child after my own heart. Character, anyway.

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library

Summer Hours at the Robbers Library: A Novel

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