Death, &c.

Death, &c.

“For me, with sorrow I embrace my fortune.”
Fortinbras Hamlet (5.2.305)

Floating freely online, I happened across a post about a quick Tarot answer. My takeaway?

“Paw through your tarot deck until you find the Death Card, then the card on either side represents the past and the path to the future.”

So flipping through the deck, that I carry, I found the Death Card, oddly enough, a Scorpio card, and then, on either side, to the left, 6 of Swords ‘Science,’ and to the right, 8 of Wands ‘Swiftness,’ then drawing from another tradition, as I make this up as I go? The final draw is Wheel of Fortune ‘Jupiter.’

Death Etc

Death Etc

Mercury is Retrograde, more about that in the book, the Portable Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is retrograde in an air sign, final of three for this year? While the cards themselves are not imbued with any mystical powers, the luck of the draw spells out a possible path to help ameliorate the current conditions.

Death, &c.

The Death Card is about what must be changed. Or what is going to change, bereft of inside or outside influences. Transformation, too, can be the key, the caterpillar turning into the butterfly kind of ideal.

Flanked in a past position is 6 of Swords, and the term “Science,” along with Mercury in Aquarius. While I was thinking of yesterday, today and tomorrow? That card echoes back to the start of the year and where we all were, then.

First Mercury Retrograde, all in Aquarius, last winter?

Transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation.

Ahead, there’s 8 of Wands, Mercury in Sagittarius, and the term, “Swiftness.” Ever seen a Sagittarius with his ass on fire? That’s some “swiftness” as a great example.

“What did I forget? Oh crap.” Hustles off.

Death, &c.

In the midst of the Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter moves from stationary to essentially a forward motion, making fast tracks all the way through Aquarius, into Pisces, and beyond. What that spells out? By the time we arrive at Sagittarius? November 22, or thereabouts? That’s when it changes.

I’ve joked about this in person, but denial is sometimes a useful coping mechanism. In some respects, it kept me alive for years.

If this last year has taught us — collectively — anything? It’s about piercing that veil, the layer of ignorance masquerading as facts.

The truth comes out. Eventually, but not without a lot of huffing and puffing. Possibly, in a macho mood, or a manly mode? There will be some chest-beating.

Death, &c.

One of my elders, a reader who never believed in my night sky, but read symbols everywhere? He taught me the “Cut to the last card for closing.”

Death Etc

Death Etc

That last card is the Wheel of Fortune, Jupiter, and the Wheel of Fortune goes back to Boethius — when Fortune swings low, it will eventually swing back up.

It has to get better.

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