I’ve worked through this a number of times and usually in auspices of a horoscope. It’s about our “Free Market” economy. The quote I went looking for?

“We will sell them the rope they will hang themselves with,” was what I was remembering, and what showed up, “They (either the West, NATO, or Capitalism) will sell us the rope with which we hang them.”

Attributed to either Marx, Stalin, Lenin, or even Putin, on some days. Turns out I couldn’t grab a quick source, and while the statement feels true, there is no direct or indirect source quickly available.

However the sentiment, in either form, that sums up one feeling. In part, it might be more true than we would like to admit? However, I’m a firm believer in democracy, and the democratic ideals. I figure, eventually, the truth shakes out, and then, and only then, do folks start to make better decisions.

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.”

  • Winston Churchill, October 1939

Going back Churchill, “That key is Russian national interest.” Usually gets missed, Bubba purloined part of that, in his description of me, back in Old Austin — when we could get away with all kinds of crap — but he had me wrapped in a Hawaiian shirt and Teva sandals. The shirts remain, but I prefer other sandals these days.


No matter, the more we peel back this political onion, the sticker the mess is, and more and more? The Republican Party seems to be a lot like the Taliban, no women’s rights, restrictive policies, or Mother Russia, where the state is sacrosanct, again, at the cost of individual rights.

“If we win, it’s fair election, and if we lose, it was rigged against us.” (Paraphrase, but essentially true to the original comments.)

So looking up that expression, about communism selling us the rope to hang ourselves with? Looking it up, doing a quick online search, I hit one “scraping” site that merely gathered data and articles from other sources, and that was a dead end, but I hit at least two sites, separate and distinct, that held the same data, about the quote and its attributions, but the fact that it the quote itself can’t be found in any extant material from any of the names listed.

While it feels true? Source, and remember, I didn’t dig, but I did check at least two unrelated sources with somewhat academic appearing substance, and in plain language, the quote was questionable as to source.

But I don’t speak Russian, and I’ve never read the Communist Manifestos, so I’m at a loss. Besides, didn’t one of those guys write in German? No idea.


As I have importuned before, the truth will shake itself free, and the biggest clues come from following the money. Look and see where that goes.

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