The Post Office

The Post Office

Post Office: A Novel

A quick synopsis, at — love the nod to Kinky Friedman.

As a person of American Letters, I suppose, I know of the works from reputation, and examples of something, but I can’t recall having really read one of his books. Wanting a break from my serial fascinations, I grabbed one from the library.

Guessing, from reputation, muttered in the streets, sparse prose, and abject realism?

“It’s not a new story about how women descend upon a man. You think you have space to breathe, then you look up and there’s another one.” Page 118.

ReadingWhile some of the language might be frankly sexist and uncomfortable, in its time, that was the common tongue.

As a snapshot into the steamy underside of the greatest generation, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the hallowed halls of higher education? Again, by and large, by reputation only, but the cursory link to served as an excellent précis to the author’s canon.

The Post Office

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