Great Zeus

Early on, just skimming the novel at first, I was reminded of a heady influence in my young life: Myth Series by a Robert Asprin. It was an American counterpart to Douglas Adams, although, while the Myth series was lacking in some of the depth, it suited me, at the time. I recall, maybe a half-dozen of the thin paperbacks. Breezy, lightweight, tongue firmly in cheek, with inside jokes I could only surmise, at best. Kind of a hybrid between mainstream SF/F and what is now called FanFic. More than anything else, I was reminded of those novels, some thirty, near forty years distant

Zeus: King of the gods (Greek Pantheon). I remember reading American Gods, the first time, some time after reading Good Omens, both of which updated mythology. Kind of a theme, here.

The second book was free, or available as a freebie online someplace. I downloaded it, started in, and then realized, as a sequel, it might be better to read the first one first. Without much sloth-like, internet-web looking, I just grabbed the first, paid for it, and started there.

Not terribly deep reading. Heavy, very strong, in the field of mythology, like, includes the minor deities, and the foibles of the gods, although, I detected an echo of Hamlet — halfway through. Not sure, yet.

“He sighed, taking solace in one of his favorite personal prayers: “God grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to justify which is which depending on how I’m feeling.” Page 472.

Or, as I’m reminded, “Always worship the old gods, as custom decrees.” (Pythagoras)

“Chocolate,” Zeus continued, “is the key to numerous divine machinations, and this particular process needs top-quality stuff.” Page 944.

Partially fluff, partially — glad I was reading a digital edition so I could access definitions — many minor gods, half-gods, and bit players in the various pantheons. That’s cool. Gratifying to see all the Muses play their parts, as dictated by the old mythologies.

Great Zeus

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure – Michael G. Munz

Zeus Is Undead: This One Has Zombies – Michael G. Munz

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