Same Series, previously.

“A pound of flesh,” and we’re plying a phrase from some Shakespeare.

In the background, can you hear? Charlie Daniels playing, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia…”

“The world was filled with enough injustices every day to make you want to pull out your hair and scream at the country’s leaders to do something.” Page 113.

And yet topical at times.

Cop procedural that stretches across three books thus far.

As I was reading, it got me wondering, if this was, say, a Neal Stephenson book, instead of three different books, would it be one, big novel?

I am — by no means — critical or complaining, far from that. Engaging characters, style and prose rips right along, and there was some decent shifts to keep me addictively reading, sure, all that.

At, list price, $29.00, that’s, like almost $100 for three.

Then, too, begs the question about whether this was all a plot line thought of as across three or four books, serial in conception, unsure of the destination for the characters at the end of the first story, if it was imagined as a whole?

With one mystery left unsolved, but nice work, agent.

Excellent with a few ties to current events, one would guess.


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