Virgo Display

Virgo Display

The Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Virgo (The Virgin) August 22, around 10:45 AM — and this means?

Looking at the cards from my EDC Tarot?

The suit is disks, an earth element, and it comes at the end — 8, 9, 10. Prudence, Gain, Wealth.

Two other cards play with this idea, though, because Mercury, putative planet for Virgo? Its card is the Magician, buzzing all over the place, spreading good-will (and disinformation). Balance of good and bad?

The card symbolism Virgo itself? The Hermit. The Hermit, in this case is chased by Cerberus, the original “hound of hell,” with his three heads, nipping at the heels of the Virgo. In the lantern, supposedly, is the light of spirit, whatever that is, guiding the Hermit.

Virgo Display

Virgo is an earth sign and mutable sign, and is associated with the 6th House in Astrology. While there’s always a strong healing influence in Virgo there’s also that nattering, nothing was quite perfect enough sense.

“You could say something nice about Virgo, for a change.”

Virgo Cards
The cards, as displayed spell out a certain solution, Prudence, even now, leads to Gain that leads to Wealth. The Magician has to work alone, though, as symbolized by the Hermit.

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