The Family Fang: A Novel

The Family Fang: A Novel

The Family Fang – Kevin Wilson

Dated novel, completely missed it, but popped under the radar on one of the digital book sources. I started reading, entranced, as it were. Family.

My family was weird, still is, but not that weird, as described in the opening the novel, so there is that. “Normal” is merely a setting on the washer.

But every family is weird, right? There’s a theatrical quality to this one. Having it follow the latest Stuart Woods collaboration, which was set in Hollywood? Just adds to the sense of reality. Not like “reality TV” but what what it might be like, what’s going through their minds?

“On the bus to St. Louis, a man with a ukulele stood in the aisle and offered to play requests. Someone shouted out, “Freebird,” and the man sat back down, visibly angered.” Page 77.

Life, a novel, like a long non sequitur. Fits.

“His writing had become, like a stash of rare and troubling pornography, something that must be kept hidden, an obsession that other people would be mystified to discover.” Page 121.

Only writers understand?

The Family Fang: A Novel

What is art, especially since the central family is engaged in performance, guerrilla “art.” Writing about writing is dangerous, and borders on a kind of mental masturbation in my mind. So this is a delicate blonde and extends trope, difficult to negotiate.

The beauty of the novel is that it’s about a family, starts with the patriarch, and he’s an “artist.” Eventually, married with kids, the kids are performance pieces, too, wherein the, like a snake eating its own tail?

Difficult metaphor to carry on, but, the credits suggest it was a movie, too.

The metaphor might be sustained.

While I gratified at the end of the book? I’m not sure if it was comedy or tragedy?

The Family Fang: A Novel

The Family Fang – Kevin Wilson

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