Spook Street

Spook Street

“Ok Boomer” meets “Bond, James Bond” with a sprinkling of the two, older shows, the original version of “The Avenger,” and my own, slightly weird, BBC via PBS absurdist The Prisoner.

“… is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, the whole package then refashioned in the shape of a surly, uncommunicative twat.” Page 9.

Churchill to obscenity.

“Fire you could fight, and even half-way tame; water went where it chose, taking a hundred years to wear away a rock, or a minute and a half to pick the same rock up and carry it two miles distant.” Page 20.

As a Fire Sign, I must respect that quote. Nothing to do with anything, carry on.

“The sudden events that blind us with their light had roots in the slowly-turning decades.” Page 30.

Reading that line while watching peaceful, protests turn violent? Perfect pitch juxtaposition, kind of brings it all into focus.

“But it had been like trapping a mouse and releasing it miles away, then returning home to find a dragon in the kitchen.” Page 160.

The extra fine, British dry wit. Or extra dry, fine British wit.

“And one thing joes learn quickly is that those who write the rules rarely suffer their weight.” Page 305.

Fun. Also, looking ahead?

Spook Street


  1. Slow Horses
  2. Dead Lions
  3. Real Tigers

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