Won’t be fast, and the URL isn’t set to die until late 2022?

But the joy has left. Anymore, images merely show up in the daily blog. That simple.

One of the original premises was to have images no more than 500 pixels wide. One site claims to be just that, and I’ll not argue, but anymore, the web has exploded in the ability to capture and define imagery, so the visual limits from just a few years ago are no longer valid. I don’t do anything “500 pixels wide,” not now.

Bexar County Line

That’s too low of definition. Great for conserving bandwidth, but again, prices have dropped exponentially, approaching zero.

In its first inception, I had an idea, and a comical, to me, URL, along with its origin story. That re-birthed itself as a daily photo collection from within the confines of Bexar County proper.

But the site will continue to offer some digital footprint for the foreseeable future, just short run. The longer term? Just about drawing to an end, and all of that data will be imported back into the single blog location (concatenation).

More concatenating. All started with a car-crushing bump that has since been paved over, almost too bad.

What struck me as as odd, a pre-pandemic — and rare — Sunday off, we wandered downtown. Breakfast at the iconic Mi Tierra then a short stroll. New waterworks. The old drainage ditch, up until just two years ago, a concrete trough for extra runs-off, the original pathway for the San Pedro Creek acequia — that’s a separate history unto itself.

The shuttering and shuttling of the data, the process of rolling it all back into a single spot? That’s a perfect Mercury in Retrograde type of action. At some later date. Until then?

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