Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries

Mars enters Aries on June 28 — goes retrograde at 28° Aries — on September 10. Mars creeps all the way back to 15° Aries on November 13, Friday the 13th, turning direct. Mars leaves Aries January 6, 2021.

Mars typically spends about 6 weeks in a sign, and the extended stay in its home sign of The Tropical Zodiac Sign of Aries — that stay lasting little over 6 months? Means there’s a message therein.

There’s an obvious message, right?

The two cards I started looking at, sort of spelled out a story, for this extended broadcast news.

The original Aries card is The Emperor, the archetype for the king court card. Rams, lambs, and dragons. Badges of office. While it looks more or less orange to me, it is supposed to be red in color, keeping with the Mars-driven affinity.

There’s a certain amount of self-will, determination, and ruling his own realm that one derives from this card and its assigns. Then too, with that one deck, he’s looking at Venus (The Empress), and one source suggests he was her consort. Yeah, that works — she lets him think he’s in charge, correct?

That’s a modern model of the way things work.

The card for Mars in Aries is the Two of Wands, with its suggestion of “Dominion,” again with the notion of being in charge of one’s own space and place.

Exercising one’s will over one’s space: dominion. One way to look at it?
Three Aries

Mars in Aries

aries sunThe third card, in the display? Three of Wands, Sun in Aries. The Tropical Zodiac sign of Aries starts on the Spring Equinox, and heralds the launch of the spring, and the astrological new year. Aries marks the beginning of our march through the Tropical Zodiac, the 12 signs.

The extended stay Mars has, saw this one time when Mars pulled this stunt in Scorpio, and that prompted, over the course of the half year or so, a major overhaul in the relatively public manner we now all deal with all personal issues: the new-fangled version of transparency.

Someplace between totally transparent, nude for all to see, and righteously hidden from sight, cloaked in secrecy, some place in between is where the answer is. Mars, as he experiments with that super-Aries energy? This is going to test the perceived limits, and perhaps, eventually, it’s a long way to January 2021, help determine what’s for public display — and what’s not.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries is a leader, a point person, but sometimes lacks necessary follow-up, or just the usual follow-thru. Not condemnation of any sort, merely an observation. Mars and Aries play important roles in leadership skills.

Mars RX

This year’s pattern changes how that temperament can be expected to perform.

Personally, I look to this as neither condemnation nor endorsement of current leadership. Testing, especially testing perceived limits?


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