Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts

In this instance, the term, “Deep Cuts” refers to that second or third layer of music. Originally, before digital distribution was so common, “albums” were vinyl disks, with room for near an hour of recorded music, and the individual albums themselves would usually produce one “hit” song. Then, interested in an artist, or band, or whatever musical groups are now called, there was the notion of going deeper into the music, the deep cuts.

“B” sides?

I bought an “album,” it was a CD, for one song. Did that several times until I finally caved in and realized for 99 cents or $1.29, or whatever the current market value is, I can get single tune as a digital download. Took me a while to arrive at that understanding, though.

Personally, I have at least three books available, and I think the digital price is fair, a good value for the buyer —

  1. Two-Meat Tuesday (here)
  2. Portable Mercury Retrograde (here)
  3. San Pedro Creek (here)

When I was looking at the term, “Deep cuts,” though, I was thinking specifically about the Portable Mercury Retrograde, and some deeper cuts for it. Show I was at, nominally working, kind of a slow show, right before the pandemic, and an old storefront operator, former promoter, strolled through.

It was good to see her.

She went to see another reader, then stopped to say hi, not really discuss chart elements, just general metaphysical voodoo that we do.

She’s got, she claimed, a storage unit full of leftover crap from running a metaphysical “bookstore,” now called Holistic (mumble mumble). I don’t know what it is called, now.

“Amazon killed our business.”

No, not really. Not in my mind. I don’t haul books with me when I set up at the various places, back when I worked. As an example, at Nature’s Treasures in Austin? For several years, two copies of my books were well-thumbed, as reference texts, on the community table. They didn’t sell many copies, but I was cited, often.

Deep Cuts

Mercury in apparent retrograde motion brings old friends back into the picture. That promoter, I’ve seen her online from time to time, and we cross paths, every once in a while, good to see an old friend.

She walked up, and I smiled broadly, asked about her day job, recited her chart details, and the details of her mate’s chart, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember her first name. Way it goes.

“You probably don’t have me in that machine anymore.”

She nodded at the iPad I’m currently using for charts. I do have her data stored on a backup someplace, but that’s too much trouble, and the old data is frankly inaccessible, so she recited her birth material, and there was the chart again.

When looking at charts, I weigh planets, elements, bits, and pieces differently, depending on a huge number of factors. What’s important. What’s of value. What stands for what, and what is going on at the moment.

I talked through a few items, but the idea that “Amazon killed our business” struck me as incorrect. That’s the cab driver saying that Uber killed the cab business. (See footnote, below.)

That little metaphysical storefront that shuttered? It was a brilliant flash of light in the local scene, a seriously nice place, with a heart, and what became an untenable way of doing business. Just change, not killed off.

Deeps Cuts

The Deep Cuts refers to Mercury, and its miscellaneous meandering meanings. That store front, in its eccentricities, the people, most important? The way the readers were treated? Important material there. That set a then-new standard. At the time, it was a standard that couldn’t be maintained. (Readers like myself were well-treated, respected, revered, even.)

There was one other tidbit of wisdom, and I listened, with a seasoned business person’s ear, about that kind of business. What was ultimately the difference between marginal success and real success.

While Capricorn is not always about this, at the end of the day, end of the pay period, at the end of the fiscal period? Capricorn understands both bookkeeping and balance sheet.

“The only way to do this and succeed? Own the building.”

When Mercury is Retrograde, old friends, cohorts, and sordid other emissaries, usually from a dark, dank past? Those character show back up in our life.

With missives.

The real key to success? “Own the building.”

Mercury is next retrograde approximately June 19 to July 9.

The Portable Mercury Retrograde

The Portable Mercury Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde:’s Mercury in Retrograde


Back in the bad, old days, cab fare from a certain trailer park to the airport in Austin was roughly $20, $5 tip, total of $25. Took 20 minutes to either the old or new airport. I eventually learned that the bus system took 30 minutes, cost 50 cents.

By the time I landed in San Antonio, I was used to a cab to the airport, and from either place, downtown or where I live now, it’s about $35, with no tip. Spin that around, though, and the ride share service? $10. $12 with a tip.

Choices are obvious, and the substantial cost difference is what matters to me, as a consumer. I prefer to not use Uber itself, but I do like the ride share apps. Much cheaper than a cab, these days, especially for my airport rides.

San Pedro Creek (temporarily free e-book)

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