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Discussing certain aspects of marketing, whether it’s for websites or books, I was pointing out that the author Stuart Woods has the well-oiled machine. About every three months or so, there’s a new one, and the titles for the next year are already laid out on Amazon. Probably elsewhere, but I haven’t looked, Barnes & Noble, Apple.

Spotted this one’s title in the so-called publishing pipeline for close to a year. As a collaborative effort, the first couple of books were clearly collaborations but the way this one picked up? The page-turner feel starts on the first page, and lacks some of the more deft touches. Still, what I’ve always enjoyed, throughout the fifty-some-odd novels, time after time? Workman-like story-telling.

Previously, I’ve linked to the earlier books, but with about four books a year coming along, I’m guessing each is right at 50K words, it’s almost too much to keep up with.

Felt a little badly about this, and I got used to buying the books at Costco which was a marginally cheaper than anyplace else. Amazon and B&N run a close second in price, but again, this time, the quarantine and so forth? I was late in picking up the book, and the local B&N didn’t have it on display, less than a week after it “dropped.”

“Think we sold out., Let me check in the back.”

They did have a spare copy for sale, and I got the friends and family discount. I think I have about six running feet of these books, now.

The binding, the printing, the comfortable way this feels like a book? It feels like a book. Memories run deep, maybe ten years back, one winter, on the road for work, and finishing up a similar Stuart Woods novel.

So diving in, within moments of the first page, there’s a thriller set-up, tension, backstory, drama, and intrigue. Clever plotting. Tight prose. Good storytelling along the lines of thriller.

I’ve already forgotten what the reading app indicated, but I read one of these novels on a seven-hour flight Seattle-Memphis-San Antonio. I booked that flight because it had one stop, no layover.

That’s about right, for me, maybe a a little less for these books, now. But right at 6 or 7 hour of thriller, gangsters making movies, and more. Hint: old school gangster, the proverbial “wise guy” in tone.

For a couple of hours, there wasn’t anything wrong with my world.


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