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Real Tigers

Real Tigers (Slough House Book 3)
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“Water under the bridge.” But he said this with the air of one who spent a lot of time on bridges, waiting for the bodies of his enemies to float past. Page 15.

Sets a tone, no? Very British. London that I remember, too. Kind of gritty, and then, part of the setting is London in a heat wave.

A British heat wave usually means I might still need a sweater. I’m just sayin’, no disrespect.

“And with the internet, you can have a paranoid fantasy at breakfast and a cult following by teatime.” Page 185.

True dat.

Recurring epithet? Gospel of John, 11.35, KJV

The King James Version allusion didn’t come up until the third book. That was funny.

I read the books, at once, as a satire and pure thriller fiction. Both elements, a somewhat ironic, and then somewhat realistic look at what the intelligence community might look like, based in jolly old London.

The novels I’ve read, so far, the first three? Each has a slow burn, deeply atmospheric beginning. There’s also been a framing device, at the beginning of each novel where the author “circles backs” to that exact frame at the end. This third one? Nice little kick at the end.

Fun reading, and a hat tip to Davenport.

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