Market Research

Market Research

Market Research — like, instead of bulk mailing me?

<> wrote:
Hello there,
Hope you are fine and doing well.
I want to make a long-haul business association with you.
I will give you elegantly composed and one of a kind articles identified with your site.
I will give you 2 to 3 articles each month. The links would be the do-follow and relevant to your website. No gambling or adult.
And tell me the price of per post on your site.

So I’m thinking, since I do all my own stunts? What that means, I am responsible for all the content on my sites, and I write all my own material. Turns out, that’s not all too common.

Weird, huh?

Websites with “significant” traffic, or targeted demographics, those places are often farmed, like ghost writers, stolen intellectual property, not that I’m above outright theft, but anything I have to sign my name to has to be mine, and given my propensity for a lack of rhythm and horrible grammar, I don’t have to worry about that. Or long, run-on sentences.

Or too short fragments.

My present-day understanding, search engine, especially the behemoth Google, look for well-written copy with a limited number of keywords, and then, simple, outbound links.

Market Research

Market Research — like, instead of bulk mailing me?

I guess the biggest problem, and sure, we can all use a little extra income now, but the biggest challenge? Those “link farmers,” or paid-placement articles? So far, they haven’t paid well enough to cover the cost installing, and also possibly ruining, my implicit trust with my readers.

The last time I entertained the notion, the link-farmer, paid-placement representative offered $20 per article placed, and I countered with my standard asking rate, $1,000.

Seems to put them off a bit, and means I’m serious. Everyone has a price, and for a month?

Market Research

Before contacting me about any of my sites, be nice if there was just a little bit of market research. All they seem to look at are my outbound links, and ask if I want an article. If I write all my own material, then maybe that isn’t the question to ask.

Think I’ve received a dozen like this, since then. Averages maybe one every other day, and those are just the ones not caught in the spam filter.

Want me to link to your article? Standard advertising rates apply, pursuant to the fine print.

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