Think I met Joe R Lansdale once, in Austin, at a book signing-like afternoon event. It was a little bookstore that no longer exists, specializing in SF/F. Think he was just making an appearance, at a nascent phase of his career.

He. Is. Great.

Defies taxonomy, other than “Deep East Texas,” and with that? See what they say.

I was, personally affected by two of his early novels. I don’t recall the content, just random imagery, and then? How I felt when I read the books. The Drive-In.

I was at the university, at the time, reading “great literature,” and on break, I remember finding the novel in a bookstore, and the feeling I got from reading the pair.

Incredulity. Excitement. Sheer joy, and a certain mastery of the absurd?

I’m almost afraid to reread them, for fear I would lose that sense of awe and wonder those novels inspired in me.


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