Dead Lions

Dead Lions

Dead Lions (Slough House)

Started with a raft of characters in Slow Horses, or even, before that? Prey, as the protagonist in that series recommended the author — book recommendation in a book. After the first one, though, it was easy to understand why, whip-smart writing, and convoluted spy-thriller plot. Counter-plot.

“Means a totally unexpected event with a big impact. But one that seems predictable afterwards, with the benefit of hindsight.” Chapter 1. (Kindle)

Black Swan. British idiom? The first book was British punctuation, but this one has been “American-ized.”

Part of the lockdown entertainment, that Capricorn suggested “Killing Eve,” a BBC series, fraught with controversy, twisted alliances, and shifting allegiance. The gritty nature of the seamier side of Europe, and the U.K., as a device to shape character? There’s that fine-edged sense of sooty dirt that gets under the nails, with the Slough House series — so far — carries that essence.

She said, “Because that’s the first step to political office, isn’t it? Sell yourself to another country’s intelligence service.” Chapter 7.

That’s frightening for a 2013 copyright.

The shifting point of view, quick cuts in narration, I could see that as an influence in the subsidy Prey books. No wonder Davenport liked the author.

I suppose, as I have no real baseline to compare? I suppose that this is a fresh take on the the old James Bond, only updated, where one does a quick Google search before going out on a date. 2nd date, Google your future ex?

Now, to make this weirder, there’s a similar plot element from one of the Prey books, but I can’t recall which one, not now. Fun, and tautly wrought.

Dead Lions

Dead Lions
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