Lockdown Blues

Lockdown Blues

My weekly column went into regular production in 1995, and prior was a monthly for a few years, with my first one etched out in a cold-water bedsit in Tempe AZ while I was still a student.

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So as a writer, first, the enforced solitude isn’t that much of a bother. Slightly inconvenient, and I’m missing about four shifts in a month, at the various venues.

Two points. One? I recently added the local public library’s digital version to my own collection of reading sources. I think I have a new charity to hustle — public libraries. The digital access saved my soul. I was already enamored of the county’s “book-less library,” and between the two, I’ve been happily reading.

The other point? With theatre closed, here — and aboard? The RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe, and others have put versions of plays online. I wanted to watch a great number of those. So far? Nothing.

Been meaning to get around to it, but I’ve been locked down for three weeks or more, and so far? Not a thing. Haven’t watched one play. One favorite podcaster was doing a staged reading of The Comedy of Errors, although reputedly an early play, quite good in its verbal swordsmanship and word play.

My “garden” is clean. I have a single box of books to sell back to the used bookstore. A couple of bags of clothes for recycling. Fishing gear is cleaned — and ready.

Still haven’t managed to watch, or even listen to, any of those plays.

Hamlet’s too heavy, and we know how Romeo and Juliette end. There’s almost a guilt that I feel, is that what this is? Here, time enough to accomplish a simple goal, and yet?

I’m reading this one book, and this character gets killed…

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