Kerby Lane Redux

Kerby Lane Redux

“Camille U.,” what the receipt said. Everyone, in this litigious age, complains. What do I do when it was exceptional service? Smile, grin, and write a thank you note. Here.

Place: Kerby Lane, South Lamar.

Place was slammed, I mean, Saturday afternoon, maybe noonish, a little after, and we were there to dine, kill time before the presentation at the esteemed Austin Astrological Society (thing, talk).

I had a “Texas Benedict along with too much coffee. The server, after she filled my mug the second time, “You drink coffee like I like!”

She was friendly, gregarious, and the place had at least a 30-45 minute wait. Typically?

“In the weeds, man.”

A few moments later, I watched as a runner served the nicest looking dish, on a plate, looked like Tres Leches, yellow cake topped with something, smothered in something kind of cream looking then festooned with cherries, or something like strawberries, I couldn’t tell.

“Wait, what’s that?” I pointed and asked.

“Slow down, that’s what you’re getting,” she said.



I wanted to see more of her ink, ask a birthday, whatever, but out of respect, they were seriously jammed up, I just thanked her.

Wasn’t much interaction, kept the coffee coming and and served the food with a smile.

It was a tiny bit of beef tips, grilled, braised, I don’t know, smothered under a benedictine sauce-like substance, and the cherries were diced tomatoes, part of some pico de gallo, all with a side of breakfast potatoes — and those were served with a habanero sauce.

That server was fast, efficient, kind, jolly, quick on her feet, and I’d bet a rapier wit. That plus an outline of the state of Texas as a tattoo. (Go see that Virgo Emily at Atomic to fill it in.)

The yellow cake? It was cornbread. Perfect pairing, great dish, all done rather well. I was just amazed, middle of a busy rush. Good, good stuff.

But that server? She was the best. When I dug out my receipt to get her name? I was embarrassed by the paltry tip I left. She deserved better. So here’s to her.

I only wish I could react with such grace, aplomb, and wit when under pressure. We learn from our betters.

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Pink Cake

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