The year ahead

The year ahead

Mercury is Retrograde 2/17-3/9/2020, then Venus is Retrograde 5/13-6/25/2020, then Mercury is retrograde 6/18-7/12/2020, Mars is Retrograde 9/10-11/13/2020, with Mercury Retrograde 10/14-11/3/2020

  • Lunar New Year is Saturday
  • Friday 13th, March (SXSW)
  • Cinco de Mayo is a Taco Tuesday
  • July 4th is a Saturday
  • Halloween is on Saturday
  • Friday 13th, November
  • Xmas is Friday
  • New Years is Friday

All astrological data is deemed accurate but not necessarily reliable.(1)

  • Lunar New Year is Saturday

New Moon (Aquarius) square Uranus, Saturn/Pluto + Jupiter in Cap.

  • Friday 13th, March (SXSW)

Mars Jupiter Pluto( Cap) Saturn at 29 Cap.

  • Cinco de Mayo is a Taco Tuesday

Previously alluded to? The great Taurus conjunction in 5/4-3/2000? Included Saturn/Jupiter in Taurus?

  • July 4th is a Saturday

Jupiter/Pluto exact, plus Cap/Can eclipse. Captures the essence of the Venus Retrograde with an eclipse that slam dunks the essence of the mercurial cycle.

  • Halloween is on Saturday

Takes the Mars and Mercury Retrogrades and puts them in perspective.

  • Friday 13th, November

While Friday the 13th is merely a societal construct about being unlucky, this one marks the end of the two concurrent retrogrades, Mars and Mercury, seeing those wrap up and facing off towards the new year.

  • Xmas is Friday
  • New Years is Friday

Because I moved from a trailer park in South Austin to San Antonio, in the last decade, and more recently, since I begin a residency at the rock shop, I had a chance to listen to all of Shakespeare’s plays — read aloud. Three times, now.

Recently, I’ve added a couple of Shakespeare Podcasts to back-up what I’ve heard with those dramatic play readings.

I’m not a Shakespeare scholar, something more akin to fan boy; but Shakespeare is large part of why I got interested in studying astrology.

I wrote my first “horoscope” in 1987, in a drafty student barrio apartment while I was a student at Arizona State University.

The podcast I was just listening to, as I started to work on the transits for 2020? It mentioned Ceres, with academic citations, from a passage in Henry 6th, Part 2. Act 1, I think.

Little academic guy droned on about Ceres being the Roman God of Harvest. In the middle of that podcast, I realized there was a good way to encapsulate recent events and what this year holds, in terms of major transits and transition.

The symbolism, as I interpret it right now?

Capricorn: it’s about harvest.

A lot of what I work with is Saturn. I got serious about astrology on a first Saturn Return, and I wrote the bulk of my original online materials almost thirty years ago. Early on, I found a passage in the old Greek/Roman texts, about Saturn being easiest to predict with, just predict bad stuff. I’m obviously paraphrasing.

That connection between Capricorn and Saturn is palpable.

I live in central and south Texas. For me, Sagittarius leads to Capricorn’s harvest.

As a person sows, so shall that person reap?

Look at the way the first few degrees of “fixed” is hard hit with Saturn in Aquarius and then Saturn and Jupiter? Plus the omnipresent Uranus in Taurus, again, early fixed.

Saturn — in old fashioned astrology — “ruled” (2) Capricorn and Aquarius. With Saturn in Aquarius, and Saturn loosely square the other Aquarius “ruler.”

Conventional and unconventional. Status quo meet “not-so status quo”?

Circle back to previous statements, prognostications, and similes I’ve employed over the years.

When delineating transits for an upcoming year, one of the trends I like to watch is is how certain sectors of the sky are affected. Like, first few degrees of “fixed.” Let’s look at almost any planet in natal chart, somewhere in those first half-dozen degrees of fixed, to some? The first decant of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Uranus started its pass a year ago, in earnest. Mars tripped it, as did the new moon, in recent memory, then, as we course through 2020? We’re headed towards Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius, early degree.

Looking forward, I’m hoping for a time when cooler minds prevail, when there is less of an emotional reaction to a given crisis, and more of a straightforward analysis from a variety of data points. That would answer the Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius sense.

Going back to that Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and its pattern over the last decades, or over the last centuries, points to pattern of new intellectualism.

The pattern is quite clear.

This year is about reaping what was sown.

The year ahead

One of the most common elements in a typical astrology chart reading, I’ll look at a chart and ask about what happened during a certain period. Looking back to look forward?

Knowing where we’ve been so we can accurately plot a course forward?

These are poised, posed, as questions rather than answers to give clues to directions. I don’t know how other astrologers work. I do know that individuals face the same transit with different evolutionary approaches, and it depends on a number of factors.

With that in mind, how any two people will face what’s up and coming with the Capricorn flavors, influences? That’s going to vary. The questions remain.

That kind of “where have we been” data is even more important with the onset of the new year. It’s that notion of Saturn and how it affects the individual chart, and for that matter, where a person’s soul is in his or her evolutionary journey.

The year ahead

This year coming up is very much dependent upon where “we’ve been” — our past.

Our collective and individual past.

When I cast forwards, with a number of interlaced patterns, the Mercury Retrogrades, the Venus and Mars retrograde patterns, as those tend to play out as personal planets, what I’m seeing, as trends go?

There’s a lot of personal upheaval, played out against a larger backdrop.

If we subscribe to the mantra-like expression, “As above so below,” then what 2020 offers, in possibly painful detail, is an example of the greater zeitgeist, the cosmically connected consciences with all our petty intrigues, played out as a reflection in the more mundane aspects.

(1) cf. the fineprint.

(2) see also

Anno Mirabilis 1 | Anno Mirabilis 2 | Anno Mirabilis 3

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