Peter Ash

Peter Ash

“Kramer, you like Baldacci, right? Reacher? You’ll love the Peter Ash books.”

Always do trust my Sagittarius brethren. Especially wack-jobs with that Virgo Moon. Sagittarius with a Virgo Moon, depends, but can be, yeah, friends of mine, think that covers it, right?

Books got passed around, and he explained, he was halfway through the third, and he’d get it to me when he was done with it.
All the advertising, online, “If you like Jack Reacher…” Think that an easily sum up the equivalency. Odd, but there’s truth in that advertising.

“He was good at war. And someone had to take care of his guys. To get them out alive.” The Drifter. Page 48.

Plus a large dose of PTSD.

Seems like an artistic, literary bend to stories about the effects of war on the human psyche.

Part way into the second book, I had a revelation. Think this is material that’s available online, but I can’t be half-arsed to look, it think, the old TV serial, The A Team — “a Quinn Martin production.” (Not really.)

“Neural networks are large arrays of computer processors, each working on separate facets of a complicated problem. The idea is to simulate the node structure of the human brain.” Page 101. Burning Bright.

What I teach, time to time, about breaking large problems into discrete subsets. Now I know what a ‘neural network’ is.

Even in the toughest situations, tease out a smirk.

Portions were easily smirk-able.

Then get to that halfway point in the book? If there wasn’t a sequel already queued up? I would worry that the protagonist wasn’t making it out alive. Odds were way stacked against.

Tension, literary suspense, three-quarters of the way through book three, too — if it was a TV show, they would cut to the final scene.
Yeah, the “book” is better.

“That boy was raised by wolves, and the wolves had given him up for wild.” Page 12. Tear It Down.

Can’t see it as a movie or TV serial, but good stuff.

“Rust never sleeps,” he said. “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” Page 34. Tear It Down.

Early on, in each novel, there’s always a point that brings mirth. Laugh, or at least, giggle.

The series was good — is good, with a literary flourish and a certain seamy appeal.

Peter Ash

Peter Ash

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