Horoscopic News for October 2019

by Kramer Wetzel of astrofish.net

October 2019

On October 1, the Sun is at 8° Libra, and October 3, Mars enters Libra while Mercury enters Scorpio. On October 8, Venus enters Scorpio. The Full Moon is October 13, at 20 degrees Libra/Aries. The Sun enters the best fixed water sign — Scorpio — 12:19 PM (ATX) on October 23. Mars squares Saturn on October 27. The Dark of the Moon “Witching Hour” is October 27, as well, a little after 10:00 PM. Sets a tone, no?
On All Hallow’s Eve itself, October 31, around 10 AM, Mercury starts a retrograde pattern of errata, confusion, and renewal.
The Sun is in Libra for most of the month, and the symbols for Libra is “the Scales,” frequently associated with the symbols for the scales of justice, and typically, Libra is an air sign, associated with the cardinal energies from the setting sun, a 7th House association.
The last third, the pre-Halloween celebrations are marked by the Sun moving into Scorpio but that is presaged, this year, by both Mercury and Venus already in Scorpio. Makes for a cosmic herald, letting the world know that the Scorpio time is almost here. Then it is here.
Scorpio is water sign and its symbol is the typically a Scorpion, and that doesn’t matter as the sign itself is — allegorically — deep waters.
October is about tending to what harvest needs to be harvested, what can be done to prepare for the winter ahead — more along a metaphorical meaning rather than any real, serious winter plans. Then, too, this is about preparing for the next Mercury in Retrograde project, what should be scheduled for all of November.
The month of October is about working together to be prepared, in a solo situation, for what November promises.
Effectively dealing with the October energies promises that November will be easy to survive and even thrive.
The month opens with possibilities of new alliances and new relationships and closes with old alliances and even older relationships popping back up — and back into our lives.

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