What do they want?

What do they want?

The question came up, casually, and I poked around, to get more about the question, to delve in, and find an answer.

Millennials want to know their purpose.

It extends further than that, really, Millennials want to know their purpose, along with the purpose for Gen. Z (or whatever we’re calling the post Y2K birthdays.)

That was the question, the burning issue, the predominate form of discourse, what is their purpose, and I think this is along that quasi-religious, spiritual, metaphysical kind of questioning.

I’ve found patterns etched into astrology charts, and I’m best in person, where the nuances are easier to weigh. Having been at this long enough to recognize those patterns, as well.

Millennials want to know their purpose.

It’s that simple. The systems in place, especially in this country, seem to be a bit messy, to be as politic and polite as possible.

“Just a bit messy?

Really? Going with that?”

Good as any.

The purpose, and I’ve been discussing this, one-on-one for years, decades, even, the so-called “Millennials” are our hope for the future. For every pork-pie hat, avocado-toast eating youth in skinny jeans with a man-bun? The very image of entitled and owed? For every one of those? I can find two or three more who are hard-working, dedicated, honest, thrifty, all the better qualities that we seek.

What do they want?

The “boomers,” Pluto in Leo, is the first of the generations that held such promise, as a new world was opening up. Peace, war, the generation experienced more prosperity than ever before.

Some of them, some of the directions, some part of the puzzle fell off the table.

Along comes Pluto in Virgo, “in-betweeners,” halfway from boomer to Gen X. In-betweeners, are marked, at their highest point, as that group born between 1965 and 1966, with Pluto/Uranus tightly conjunct in the middle of Virgo.

While that’s the highpoint, the easiest description is born between 1960 and 1970.

Typically, the “in-betweeners” and the “millennials” resonate well with each other, with obvious exceptions, but as a rule, we get along. We understand. That lost generation? Not X and not Boomer? First group to think about cleaning up the mess.

Virgo, huh. Does that help explain it?


What do they want?

The first of the “millennials” I saw professionally were 1980ish birthdays with Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo, technically, not conjunct, but awful close at times, which in turn resonates with that Pluto-in-Virgo crowd. For that first of the millennial time set, Pluto was in Libra.

Millennials want to know their purpose.

The purpose reflects back to the astrological signature of the generations Part of the purpose for millennial and beyond? This is simple: unknot the mess that is apparently a Gordian Knot of epic proportions, and getting humanity to work together, towards shared goals, rather than separately.

How that works out?

Up to the individuals, but part of the message is learning to work together to get along. Not at odds. My current world? Seems like there’s a pretty definable split between have’s and have-not’s, between socially conservative and socially liberal.

What do they want?


I played with several version of the diagram, and still haven’t hit the one I like the most. As I recall, and I might not, it was something about How to write a research paper, but the usual disclaimers apply. However, its structure came echoing back in my mind, and and it had a direct way to explain the difference and how to appeal to each grouping.

When selling to, say a boomer? Give them a story, some exposition, a little backstory, a biographical bit, then a Call To Action, the link, the “buy now” button.

Compare this, in simplistic terms, say, selling to a millennial? Give them a Call To Action, first a “buy now button,” then fill them in with that exposition, the back story, a biographical bit.

More simply put, one has it at the beginning and one has it at the end.

Tell me what, and why, then how.


Tell me how, and what, then why.

We all want meaning, but the way this works? The so-called millenial wants meaning that matters. Spelled out, up front. Enough with the witty way with words.


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