New Moon

New Moon

With my current arrangement, I have two data points I was using for timing this new moon. One suggested 2 July 2019 at 1416 (2:16 PM local time), and the other suggested 2:17 PM — both within a minute of each other. Both, supposedly, drawn from the very same coordinates of the tablet I used for the computation.


Also part of the greater eclipse cycle that started, this one is at 10 Cancer/Capricorn, followed by a companion eclipse in a few weeks. July 16 at 23 Capricorn/Cancer.

New Moons, to me, are magical and great for setting intentions. Intentions and naps. When I could move in more circadian manner, new moons were longer, deeper naps. Maybe soon I’ll get back to that.

The eclipse action tends to highlight a chaotic and unstable — not bad — just unpredictable series of elements. There is that to look forward to.

New Moon

Almost to the minute, Mars shifts into Leo, about the same time. Then, Mercury is already slowing down for a retrograde pattern. Mars will — in the next few weeks — “square” Uranus. More instability and madness. mercury will be fully retrograde.

Need help with this? There are two or three options:

  1. See me live in Austin or San Antonio
  2. Arrange a phone session…
  3. Read my horoscopes

I was going to suggest one option was better than the other, but looking at it? Any option is useful.


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