Love and Fear

Love and Fear

What I really wanted was Love and Light versus Fear.

Titles are less important, and I’ll stick with Love and Fear.

Over the years, I tend to modify what I do. To be honest, I had a client I hadn’t seen in years show up and and halfway through, the client exclaimed, “That’s what you said years ago, almost the exact same words!”

Which is why I write. When I hear me use the same wording and phrasing about a situation, I know I’ve got something that can be committed to text form, and used on a greater scale to serve more people.

“But you hate Scorpio!”

I do not. There is a perception, though, of non-Scorpio people that I have some sort of lingering angst around Scorpio. It’s simple. When I encounter a Scorpio, I just remind them that I am not man enough to tame that beast. Besides, typically with Scorpio, it’s not love, it’s lust. In my heart. I freely admit it.

There’s an urban gesture, then a single word, “Respect.” Much respect.

Love and Fear

My approach also — hopefully — introduces some levity and light-hearted humor.

Which is where this was headed, and how I get misunderstood as sometimes, I get taken a little too literal. Literally, too literal. Overuse an overused expression.

I was making a point, the other afternoon, in casual setting, not a professional one, but as I launched into the humorous anecdote — it’s wryly funny to me as I am the butt of the joke — I was quickly interrupted and shut down with a tritely metaphysical answer, which, out of context, was one hundred percent right. But the comment missed, totally missed, the overarching theme.

That’s a problem.

More correctly, that’s a problem with my work. To be brutally honest, I love my work and I approach each horoscope — each interaction — from a point of highest love. Respect, that sort of thing. I intend no harm. Not my intention, and not my suggested course.

I tried, with The Portable Mercury Retrograde to get away from the “Mercury is Retrograde, fear the planets!” I tried to remove that kind of thinking.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde

My current belief, and this has been true for some years, is that the planets incline, but do not dictate, to paraphrase an early influence. For extra credit, name the astrologer and author. Hint: not the same.

The question is one of peddling fear, or fear-based material, and for me, the ethics of that.

Some place or other in my volume of daily and weekly material, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, the choice to do nothing in the face of hereditary planets is a problem.

Love and Fear

The goal is to have balance, and the stated goal, typically, is to have Love win over Fear.

At work, doing a load-in for a single day show, see for local listings, I paused for a jovial (Virgo) vendor “hello.” I was leaning against the doorway, idly conversing about moon and weather, rocks and whatever, and I felt an arm slip up from my right side, sliding across my lower back and grasping me, pulling me into a sideways hug. Without a glance askew, I just lifted an arm and put around whomever’s shoulders were there. Another Virgo vendor, but in the moment, I had not one clue as to who it was.

My attention was drawn to the left, and I didn’t want to break concentration as it was an amusing anecdote at the moment. Red-heads are like that.

Love and Fear, or, in this example at work? A total absence of fear. Could have been anyone, but my peripheral sense indicated no danger, and the load-in at that one show can be such a hug-fest, love-fest kind of thing, it’s wonderful. For a few moments in the day, I realized, no competition, no one is better than anyone else, and while both the Virgos I was talking with, while both were female? Yeah, there’s not that sexual tension. Not to say there isn’t some faint strands of red light poking up from the individual auras, but no, not that “bump and grind” hug, just a friendly squeeze.

At our respective stations in life, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, yeah, not an issue — not even remotely, there was, however a genuine kind of love. Gentle, heartfelt, peaceful.

“It’s a peaceful, easy feeling…”

Love and Fear

Love will win over fear, but these days we must be ever vigilant.

What is the best course of action?

What is the best action I can take, and is it for the greater good?

Simple questions, but to the point.

Good over evil — light over dark — or?

Love over Fear.
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