Dear Kramer,
Your domain is set to expire on July 20, 2019. In order to maintain ownership of your domain and to keep email and hosting active, it needs to be renewed.

If the domain is not renewed, it is scheduled for deletion on August 28, 2019.


I used that domain name, had it for 9 years, I think, and I used it because I didn’t get the dot com. Mostly? I had it as pointer. A pointer to, and place holder, then as an experimental site, then, for a number of years, just as the depository of various bits of digital stuff and fluff.

Apocryphal ephemera.

Register 4 less

Part of its purpose was to be the “company name” for me, and there was legal nodding and noodling that never materialized. Some Texas corporations need to have “company” in the name, and “co.” would do as an abbreviation.

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But no one is searching for it, no one is landing on it, and the only traffic is generated by my own words starting from I did have some graphic and audio files parked over there, but that’s long gone, now.

Register 4 less

Which one is more sought after and easier to find? Only two choices, now: or

I’m not sure, but beats that long list of relatively unpopulated domain names.

Won’t be the last name I’ve let go, that’s for sure. Of note, though, this is a Mercury in Retrograde type of situation.

The top level domain names (.com, .net) are relatively cheap to maintain, as the legendary places have them for as little as $0.99 per year, or even less. There is tremendous up-sell associated, privacy, hosting, and so forth, but yeah, the name itself is cheap to maintain. Unless it’s a name like a .co or some weird other, newer name. .TV comes to mind, as an example. Costs considerably more, and as it turns out, none of my regular readers are interested in the finer points of the domain’s name.


Took me a while to figure out that fewer choices, not more choices are what matter. That echoes a design element from back in the bad old days of the inter-webs. The idea was no more than five-six, seven was the max, number of navigation choices.

These days, it’s even simpler, and I like the idea that the simplest of formats, one I was aiming for many years ago, has finally emerged as the current top place-holder. A single body of text, few choices.

Figure it out.


Closing down a domain name isn’t a big deal. Closing something that only I used? Again, not a big deal. Slimming all the processes and naming conventions within the work? Perfect as it makes life easier from the web-administration point.

Always a good thing.

Perfect Mercury in Retrograde action.

the Portable Mercury Retrograde

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