Uranus Notes

Uranus Notes

Uranus is a weird one. Nominally, it is associated with Aquarius, the sign the water bearer. “Aquarius is a water sign, right? Aqua?”

Groan. No, Aquarius is an Air Sign. Fixed Air, at that. Associated with the planet Uranus, and that means?

A quick orbital understanding? Astronomically, Uranus is different than the other planets in our solar system. Basically, the North Pole of Uranus points at the Sun, so the planet is essentially 90 degrees off from all the other planets. Every other planet spins like a top with Uranus rolling along like a soccer ball.

90 degrees off.

In reality, it’s more like 87 degrees and the planet rotates like a little gyroscope, with the North Pole and South Pole swapping positions every 42 years. To make this more interesting? There are thin, little rings around Uranus, but like that orbital pattern? Looking at it from here, it looks like the rings are a belt, like around the outside, again, totally different.

Uranus Notes

Transits of Uranus are all about fundamental change. In some cases, though, this isn’t necessarily change, more like a shift in perceptions.

The most common explanation I use for Uranus and its influences?

“He said to ‘think outside the box,’ but I didn’t see a box anywhere, did you?”

As Uranus and its influence impacts points in a chart, especially by transit, there’s a sudden dawning, an awakening, or other dramatic shifts in consciousness. Sort of sneaks up on person, and then, it’s there, in the face, unavoidable and inescapable — maybe ineffable.

Uranus Notes

Uranus is on an 84 year orbit, more or less, slightly oblong, and thoroughly weird planetary dynamics, being horizontal when everyone else is vertical. Spend any time around a good Aquarius person (sign associated with Uranus) — and it’s easy to see — and feel — that unique set of views. Different.

Uranus is a disrupter to some, an agent of change to some, and just plain silly weirdness to others. Sort of depends on the chart, and how the elements within the chart weigh out plus the location of the Aquarius elements themselves.

“Yeah, Kramer said, ‘think outside the box,’ but I don’t see a box anywhere, you know what ‘box’ he was talking about?”

But what it all means?

Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits

“Coming Soon, to a bookseller near you.”

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