That was weird

That was weird

That was weird, even by my standards.

Strange day at the rock shop in Austin.

Last time I was there, an old buddy from “back in the day” showed up. He’s getting his reverend license or something. Then, a buddy from 20 years back rolls through. Just strange.

Another client texts, and I just hit the redial button, as I was navigating Austin’s — now legendary — traffic.


Passing through on the road to Dallas for a show? I saw an ad for “cheese cave,” and I know certain family members would like that.

cheese cave

cheese cave

A little north of Waco, five miles west of the freeway, it was quaint general store and cheese cave. See the signs?

I just, no one wondered about just going into cave-like scenario?

Or a religious cult in Texas?

Seriously? Anyone?

Then further along, at the legendary bakery — the Czech Stop in West — the new layout of the place was disconcerting.

dallas coffee

dallas coffee

Gone were the pickled pig’s feet. – Kramer Wetzel

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