Blog Birthday

Blog Birthday

I totally missed that one. While I have remnants of web writing scattered across various locations, with the idea that the first genesis of the weblog was launched and functional by Nov. 1998 —

That means last year rolled over 20 years of daily author web journal postings, which became a blog, a book, and in its current iteration, the unofficial spokesperson placeholder. Or whatever. Bad jokes.

Humor. Diversions. Rants and raves. Book reviews. Movie viewing notes. Crap. Mostly crap, but some gold in the dross, am I right?

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Or not.

Blog Birthday

In one setting, in San Antonio, the nerds were introducing themselves, mostly mommy-blogger types, and mostly recent arrivals.

Digital carpet-baggers? No, not really.

By 1993, on the nascent underpinnings of what became the World Wide Web, that distributed network of data? I had my monthly column in electronic distribution. It took another year to hammer out the details, and one person groused, “There was no web in 1993.”

No, there wasn’t, but I was in the electronic mix, with a mailing list in the hundreds, easily spreading beyond the borders of old South Austin.

I took almost a year to get it onto the web, and even then, it was pretty crappy display material. But the monthly quickly became a weekly, and then, the rest is mired in pseudo historical fact and friction.

The original weblog standard, and this was more a web-journal, but the original format — one I still like — was a chronological order of entries, newest on top. Even when I was “hand rolling” the web-journal, that worked.

July 2019 will be 25 years of weekly horoscopes, non-stop

The blog birthday is a little nebulous, and while it isn’t strictly speaking, it wasn’t a “blog,” in its first iteration, as the nascent form evolved, yes, that’s what this became.

So when I hear the expression, “I started a blog…” I’m not jumping onboard.

Sitting around with a group of online journal writers, one of the guys suggested that the term “whore” in any blog website address was both funny and accurate. That gave way to, which I quickly abandoned, or “re-gifted” to a certain gentlemen with a sobriquet of “bubba.” He’s been at that address for a number of years, although, its title has changed to While I have zero (none — nada — zilch) official affiliation with his site, I do help with background nuts and bolts, but only because he’s a buddy, and only because it amuses me.

That’s one that is a success. There is a hint, though, like life? Not every item is good.

Blog Birthday

That’s what this is about, though, I explore what’s going on in my own head by watching words march across the screen. While maybe not the most efficient way to wrestle with one’s demons, it does make it amusing, for me.

Bubba’s blog, the aforementioned I think it’s old enough to vote, now.

That’s some longevity.

Blog Birthday

The blog’s birthday, more like point of inception, is around November, 1998. Like most bespoke attire, the fit and finish took a while to get correctly arranged, and the first versions were, unknown, not sure what to call it.

July is the 25-year mark for the horoscopes.


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