Signatures and Resonances

Signatures and Resonances

In the event I am unclear? This about astrological Signatures and Resonances, not some kind of musical allusion or signatory image.

Signatures and Resonances

There are patterns that emerge, and I tend to refer to them as signatures and resonances, although to be most correct, I suppose the expression should read the other way, as I tend to get the resonances before I realize what the signature is.

Signatures and Resonances

One of my sister’s plethora of friends, one of her death doulas bore an uncanny “resonances” that I couldn’t place at first. When I finally realized the source, I horribly mangled my way of explanation, West Texas, funeral, old friends, the dead, people I worked along side dozens of years back, etc.

It’s hardly the first time. Hardly the first time I’ve mangled an explanation, but also, hardly the first time I’ve recognized patterns across a broad spectrum of humanity, in this case it was a certain number of planets in a certain sign, then — other stuff.

To me, a certain arrangement in an astrology chart suggests a signature. Each one is individual, each signature is different, yet, in a grouping either by age, year, or similar placements? I tend to see familiar characteristics — lots of commonality.

Then, there’s a more metaphorical, mythical quality, “resonance.”

Signatures and Resonances

The very first time I realized “resonance,” I was in West Texas — not quite a “like it was just yesterday” memory, but close. A woman walked past my table and I blurted out a birthday, she looked at me with shock — and awe.

“Probably should’ve been, ‘Awe, isn’t he cute,’ but no…”

I was a day or two off from her birthday.

Good guess? Intuition? Psychic?

This was long before Facebook and its derivative digital nightmares where all kinds of data is publicly available. So it was a guess. It was based on appearances, angles, the placement of the moon, attitudes, and me. Mostly me. Mostly me and a former lover’s memory, who looked just like the woman walking by. Before I had a chance to censor, curtail, and contain myself, I blurted out the birthday.

Pretty sure I did a reading, too, eventually, for pay, because that’s what I do.

That was based upon “resonance.” I got a visual and it resonated within me. I don’t have a better word for the sense. I hadn’t been out of the closet as an astrologer for very long, and this was one of those West Texas locations.

The “resonance” is simply a term that indicates, like a sub-woofer booming out of a passing lowrider, the music vibrates along the core of one’s being rather than really hearing it? The essence of some charts — I used to save this for Scorpio and that very-Scorpio femme fatales essence that they all carry — for me.

That’s the resonance. Something vibrates in my core being. It’s a sense of “knowing.”

Signatures and Resonances

Signatures and Resonances refer to a personal term that applies only to me and my work, individually, and then as a whole, but it pretty much is limited to me.

Previously, I’ve written about certain subsets, akin to variations on themes, and the generations, then sub-groups within generations. On top of that, there will be individuals who have different signatures and resonances that I — personally — recognize.

One of my original observations, early on in my career, I discovered that there really wasn’t that “objective, outside observer.”

No such thing in my world. There’s me, the person I’m doing the reading for, and the moment of the reading itself, that’s a lot of astrology pieces interacting with each other. In some instances, there’s also the fourth dimension of future trends.

When I refer to an Astrological Signature or how I seem to Resonate with a particular person? That’s a term, think the definitions are clear. But those are terms I use to help make for a better, more human, connection. – Kramer Wetzel

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