Betting on Beto

Betting on Beto

Not a bet I would take, much as I adore the enthusiasm and drive he demonstrates. No, yes, I might vote for him, at the risk of alienating some of my fishing buddies, but that’s not a for sure thing, yet. Like them Castro Bros. ™, too. Virgo guys, exceptionally clean and squeaky, plus, well-intentioned.

I was once well-intentioned too. See how that turned out?

No, what struck me about the recent Beto fanfare, was that his images, or images from his various rallies? It’s mostly a sea of — what the hell, I’ll say it — Millennial (age) people holding smart phones aloft.

With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn? Time for those Millennials to step forward and assume a mantle of leadership. Up to them to help correct the mistakes of our past.

“It was good idea at the time,” is no longer a valid excuse.

(See this Libra horoscope.)

Betting on Beto

Besides, in my feeds, I get stuff from all stripes, no big deal, but in my feeds, there’s the cool and calculating Virgo twins, and then there’s the infectious enthusiasm of Beto.

Beto, looking out over a sea of smart-phones. Every image I’ve seen thus far.

As divisive as the politics have been? Nice to see people like Beto getting the vote out. He did lose, last time, but by a narrow margin.

If I were Saturn? I’d worry about Pluto making the old guard change its ways.

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