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For last few weeks, I’ve been working intensively on rewriting the text for the book, Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits. My original plan, crafted some years back, was to call it Dramatic Irony, with some kind of subtitle about making sure it was understood that the text was the basic delineation of astrological transits, cycles for life.

Apparently, the title was a little bit of a reach, but I thought it was overtly clever, as the term, Dramatic Irony refers to a character, like, on stage, who has forces acting upon that character without the character knowing, while the audience does know, or can see. Yes, bit of a stretch, but it was an excellent working title.

Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits

Hammering my way along with the existing structure, this is a three part process. First part was finished years ago, that first rough draft. Use that material, to this day, in the Transit Reports I produce from time to time — not like there’s a brisk business in that, not for me.

The book itself has been a skeleton-like text, for years, as I would drop in and edit a passage on occasion. I took a running start, couple of years back, got about halfway through an epic rewrite, only to stall out again. Renewed vigor and sense of purpose, plus a long, cold winter, results?

Completing the second part of the three part process.

The first was complete rewrite, with the second being a ground-up, epic rewrite, and finally, the third part, going through word-by-bloody-word to make sure. Makes sure grammar is correct. Make sure words are spelled correctly. Make sure that’s exactly how I want to write when I mean what.

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Get close to finishing that second — end to end — rewrite? I realized I could change the basic structure, as it is, there is the planet in houses, then that planet in conjunctions, then that planet in sextile, and so forth. As an alternative structure, how about (planet) in houses, then (planet) in conjunction, sextile, trine, square, opposition to a single planet?

The problem? I’ve seen that data displayed a myriad of ways. What fits best?

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One of the purported purposes of a weblog like mine? It gives a forum where I can publicly wrestle with questions.

Before I change the structure, I realized which text I use for access, because it is easiest for me, it works the way I work. It isn’t the bible of astrology, but I did use it as a backbone for learning this stuff. I wasn’t too fond of that layout. Good data, excellent data, not a presentation I liked.

So the idea is in place. Still have to make that last pass through it all.

Kramer Wetzel’s little book of transits

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