Tangled Web

Tangled Web

Not Etched in Stone

Not Etched in Stone

The last time I looked, the notion was that quality links — both inbound and outbound — determined content’s popularity. Since I’ve been writing, almost exclusively for the web, since the dawn of the age of the inter-webs, an interesting point has started. In my creation and curation process, of which there is very little difference, as I’m writing along, and I find an idea that I should link back to?

I pause, and go to look for that link, then build the hot-link into the material.

Tangled Web

Working on some spurious filler material, just — like this — I was looking for a meme, which, in turn, sends me down a rabbit warren of blinds and false positives, none of which are remotely close to what I was looking for.

Still, as I was poking at something on a tablet, I realized that I tend to work within this kind of a framework.

As an example, looking for the times I’ve used the “tangled web” quote, I came across an Othello quote, made me wonder.

Tangled Web

The process, see, after a few years, this is all part of the way I work. I’m used to living in an environment with a digital library at my behest. Then, when I make arcane references that sails over everyone’s head, I can add the necessary backing material to flush it out.

This one is a reference to a reference, and supplementary supporting documentation.

The quote itself, the essence that I read into that material?

  1. Love yourself.
  2. Love your gods.
  3. Love your neighbor.

Benefits from the links, and that’s a series that’s built around a single quote pulled from a book. Several books, as I tend to check more than one translation, and I have the original Greek, as translated from Latin.

Tangled Web

The notion that this is all interconnected isn’t new. But working, as I have for the last — been more than 20 years now — when I’m working through material, I almost always build in a citation.

Being way too busy for rational goodness, last fall, I left a few openings, especially in the horoscopes themselves. I had more than one citation I wanted to go back and link, and never got around to building that link to a source. Kind of a good problem, as I knew I had a link for that particular scenario, something I’ve covered before, just didn’t have time to plug it back in.

The Tangled Web is a notion that material can have substantiating links, readily available. Some days, this is a good thing.


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