No Sunscreen for the Dead

No Sunscreen for the Dead

No Sunscreen for the Dead – Tim Dorsey

As seen here, No Sunscreen for the Dead.

No Sunscreen for the Dead

With an anti-hero who seems to rattle on and on like the manic and disturbed person that he is, it’s still amazing how compact the prose can be. So much in such small spaces.

There is the mastery of the words, then there’s the notion I can giggle at something on most pages. Wry observations of modern life, and a dedicated sense of place.

Perhaps Texan Larry McMurtry summed it up in an early collection of essays, “Being a writer and a Texan is an amusing fate, one that gets funnier as one’s sense of humor darkens. In times like these it verges on the macabre.” (Larry McMurtry In a Narrow Grave.) Seen here.

All about that sense of place even if they think Florida is more whack than Texas.

No Sunscreen for the Dead

“… view the inside of an actual senior-citizen terrarium…” Page 42.

Dialogue, observation from the protagonist. Really, an anti-hero, but early in the story, always appears like a protagonist.

There’s always a sense of justice that I like in the main character’s fitting choices for punishment.

Karma, man, you know?

You know, or how I can, legitimately say this is a really good book to read?

“I’m authorized.”

No Sunscreen for the Dead

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