Mars Square Pluto

Mars Square Pluto

But what does that mean, “Mars Square Pluto?”

From a forthcoming textbook?

  • Transit MARS square natal Pluto

As Mars makes a this tension angle with Pluto, there’s a sense of foreboding and a sense that this isn’t going to go well. Maybe. There are two, distinct and quite possible sets of results from this. There tends to be a form of manipulation with this one, either the natal planet is getting manipulated or the natal planet gets chance to manipulate a situation for its betterment. Kind of depends on how it falls out, but the cautionary tone is watch for flagrant attempts to use manipulation to get ahead, sole for the sake of getting over on someone else. If it is for the best, then sometimes? Maybe the ends justify the means. Or maybe not.

Little Book of Transits

  • Transit PLUTO square natal Mars

Pluto squares off against Mars, and that triggers, it is significant, it indicates a period of time with the potential for great inner struggles, conflict within one’s self. Mars and Pluto — together — lend drive and passion to the matters at hand, but the tension aspect of this is problematic as there’s sometimes too much drive, and possibly a feeling akin to inner rage, which then leaks out into the real world. Therein is the problem. The trick is understand the source, look at Mars in its position, and feel the power, but borrow from the surreptitious nature of Pluto and hold back, just yet. Unrestrained? This can lead to confrontations or arousing anger in others.

Little Book of Transits

Book is still in production, but the mock-up for a cover is at the bottom of the page.

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