Amaya’s Taco Village

Amaya’s Taco Village



There’s a fairly recent development visible from the highway, just east of old downtown Austin. Amaya’s Taco Village used to be there.

To this day, and every few years, I reminisce, buddy’s name was “Earl,” and he described that Amaya’s location as the place where the tacos were so good, the petite, yet thick, corn tortillas were lightly fried and the grease would drip down one’s arm, and drain off the elbow.

Still that good, even now. Third location — that I know of. Food is as serviceable as always, and the selling point?

Still the corn tortillas.

There’s something that set them apart, thick, extra thick, could be measured in millimeters, not paper thin, and not the uneven handmade flour tortillas I got used to in San Antonio.

Amaya’s Taco Village

Used to dine at the old location, when East Austin was sketchy, and the rock shop was an Army-Navy store, before it was an Academy (sports and outdoors). That’s history. That’s old Austin.

Amaya’s Taco village, or “Amaya’s” to some of us, it’s a throwback to the days gone before, but still current. In the shadow of more mid-rise and high-rise developments, in-fill, ex-fil, and whatever else? Amaya’s keeps turning out basic, good, serviceable Tex-Mex fare, but the corn tortillas?

Outstanding. never seen it quite like that, anywhere else. Delicious.

In the shadows of new growth, there’s still some signs of what made Austin great, and Amaya’s Taco Village is still standing, and still serving up what worked.

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