Buddy texts me the other morning, Venus was prominent in the morning sky, before dawn.

“That’s Venus!”

I stopped what I was working on, and looked up the chart, one, to make sure it was Venus and not some other planet, thinking Mercury, but my chart verified what my buddy’s phone had suggested; it was the morning star: Venus.

There’s a line or two of romantic poetry about Venus as the Evening Star, and I’ve used that poem as a horoscope introduction, before.

Venus tends to “hang close” to the sun, never more than about 40 degrees away from the sun’s location. Much like Mercury, and the similarities are strong, as both are inner planets, between planet earth and the sun.

These two inner planets are getting a lot attention at the end of the calendar year, 2018. Coming up during this synodic period of Mercury?


Not all that rare, but not all that common, either, and occurring while Mercury is in apparent retrograde option? Venus is in the tropical zodiac sign of Libra while the sun is in the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Essentially from Nov. 22 until Dec. 2, 2018, little (no longer retrograde) Venus is a whole sign further away from the sun’s location. Not all that odd, not really an anomaly, just different.

The physics, the orbital dynamics, sort of interesting, and points to the problems with earth-centric astrology, but then, that’s what I’ve done, studied, calculated, and taught for these many years, I just get to have fun.

This observation comes close on the (Achille’s) heel of the last pattern, and that patten notches right into this next few days. I’m used to Venus as a morning star, but that speaks more to my patterns and the idea that I don’t get out much at night, not when it’s this cold.

As one of our nearest planetary neighbors, though, Venus is a beacon in the night. Or in the morning, and now? It’s time to cautiously proceed forward with Venus inspired material, every cognizant of Mr. Mercury and his ways.

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