Void Moon

Void Moon

Void Moon – Michael Connelly

Vegas, baby, in the old days. Not that old, but like one of my first exposures to the city of sin and its allure of nightlife? I wandered through a time or two prior to Y2K, but around there, some time. Fun times. Slot machines used real coins and I would win, often, so it seemed. Sort of developed a process, go down a line of machine and give each one a shot.

Beginner’s luck?

One of the first trips, I recall wandering from casino to casino, which was what made the text so appealing as its set in that era, before there was a new high-rise resort and casino blooming like glittering fungi. Glow in the dark fungi.

Back in then when penny slot machines took copper pennies and paid accordingly. I’m cheap. Buckets of quarters.

Void Moon

Dated thriller, but still brimming with that special brand of vengeance, moral justice, and bloody, heartless violence.

Well-turned thriller with a fin de siècle fashion and flavor.

Void Moon

Void Moon – Michael Connelly

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