Private Lives

Private Lives

Private Lies – T. E. Woods

Private Lives

What I admire most is seamless prose. Text that disappears as the images and actions conveyed, they carry the story line and plot forward rather than stylistic touches. Popular fiction is a guessing game, and on more than one occasion, I’ve gotten to that point, if the style and stylistic edits outweighs the content, doesn’t sit well with me? I’ll just put the book down — and not go back.

The works of T.E. Woods came to me via the girlfriend, and we were stuck — travel delay — someplace unseemly. Books on the Apple iBooks thing, one of the T. E. Wood’s “books” was 99 cents, and now I’ve got the whole first series, and into the second one.

From what I could tell, these works, at least in their original format, the novels were only available electronically, and only from the usual source, iBooks, Kindle, and that B&N thing. Just digital.

Doesn’t bother me, as this material reads a little like the original pulp fictions, quick, breathless, exciting, and sometimes, I don’t read for depth. Ripping good yarn. Material that I find easier to read on an i-Thing.

There would be great digital library books, but the last time I looked, I couldn’t find this author’s work in the local online library.

Private Lives

Private Lives is the third “novel” in the “Hush Money” series. The first series, the “Fixer novel”, that was a trilogy that ran to six or seven books.

Give the author praise for building and sustaining a series, and drawing the tales out to more than one book.

Private Lives

It picks up right where the last one left off, will she find true love with just one man? Can she solve a mystery? Will more people be targets?

A novel like this is good because the clues are plain, but paced in such a manner as to hide it in all in plain site. No extraneous data is supplied, straight, no-nonsense prose, with wicked little twists and turns, even to leave the reader’s psyche twisting in the wind, until it all wraps up, nice and neat.

Twisted, “No one saw that coming,” plot twist, but the clues were plainly there.

Cozy murder mysteries with a dose of ill behaviors as window dressing for death.

Private Lies – T. E. Woods

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