I Suck at Girls

I Suck at Girls

I Suck at Girls

Same author, with more fame and presumably cash, from Bleep My Dad Says.

“I didn’t like girls—not because I thought they were gross or had cooties, but for the same reason I didn’t like underwear: they seemed unnecessary and mildly annoying.”

Think that explains his attitude.

There’s a whole generation of kids who get awards for just showing. Then there’s a group of us who were just tossed in the deep end and told to swim. We figured it out. Which way is better? I can’t answer that, but this book seems to be from the, “Throw them in the deep end and see if they can learn to swim” school of parenting.

“Look, calm down. It wasn’t a dig. I just mean that every time you’re uncomfortable and you get the option to sit something out, you sit it out. So all I was saying to you was: when your asshole gets tight, don’t listen to your gut, ’cause you’ve filled it with shit.”

Biggest problem with crossover, cross-contaminated material? I just have the image of the great William Shatner delivering the lines to Justin what-ever-his-name-was. Capt. Kirk. “Whoa. Dude.”

I didn’t approach this novella as a serious work of literature. It’s a slightly picaresque, coming of age memoir. Still, told with a deft hand, and from a certain era, it resonates. Maybe not my experiences, but ones that I’m certainly familiar with.

“She was quick and funny and a little self-deprecating, but not in a way that seemed like a defense mechanism for a truckload of self-loathing.”

I would have included page numbers but it was a digital book and the numbers changed every time I switched the tablet’s position. Mildly annoying, but bits of the material were laughably funny. Looks like a 2012 imprint, so the deal at the pulp price of $1.99 was just some deal. Entertaining, in a manner of thinking. Not deep, with a predictable outcome, but some embarrassingly amusing material along the way.

Plus, think of it as some well-thought out guidelines for making relationships work, especially of the Twitter-era generations.

I Suck at Girls

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