I like to think of astrology in terms of discrete containers, like, each sign represents a certain location, to me. Taurus is a container, and the usual Venus and Venus-like energies represent what occurs in and around that Taurus container.

More like magic, or alchemy, or better yet, like a special effects kind of appearance. The container, let’s say, it’s up and coming Gemini, then the stuff brewing inside, a reaction that involves much smoke, with an eerie fog pouring over the edges of the container? Smoke on the water? Sure. That’s what is stirring in the Gemini container. Where it takes place.

12 Containers

Each container corresponds to a sign. Then a house, then a planet, then an over-arching energy, named for the sign combining those elements. Flavor, house, sign, planet, a container for the energy.

Worked in my head, just can’t wrestle it to the page, yet.

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