Not Labeled for Individual Resale

Not Labeled for Individual Resale

It’s in the terms of service, but my horoscopes are Not Labeled for Individual Resale.

The discussion, pursuant to other ideas, is endlessly questioned, as is my judgement, but that’s never bothered me (too much).

Breaking down the scopes into 12, separate entities introduces room for errors, increasing by a factor of 12. So part of this is purely mechanical. Part of this makes the existing structure rather easy for me, as the backend technician, easier to maintain and provide upkeep. The care and feeding of the archives.

“Oh-oh, Virgo!”

Calm down.

Librarian. Archivist.

So not Virgo.

Not Labeled for Individual Resale

It was on a single serving out of package of 8 or more, and the outside bag was labeled with nutritional information, sugars, carbohydrates, calories per serving, and minimum adult requirements, that sort of nonsense.

The Fine Print — federally mandated nonsense.

Seeing that, though, on the individual serving did give me a chance to think about it, or triggered a train-wreck of thought, not sure which, but the idea echoed back. Not Labeled for Individual Resale is one of the those reminders, need to see from time to time, just to recall, if nothing else, how connected it all is.

Not Labeled for Individual Resale

Currently, I’m too tired to dig out the examples, but in the past, I’ve written a whole week’s worth of horoscopes where the last line of the preceding horoscope is the first line of the next horoscope. More that one observant and alert reader has noticed this, and made comment.

Hat tip: Pisces.

I was doing it to amuse me. This material is of my own construct. I’d say, “It’s my own baby,” but babies tend to be better treated. However, there are times when I need a break, or I want to change it up, and I’ll run with various ideas to add some structure to the basic framework. There are other weeks, we have one fast approaching, wherein there will be no framework — what-so-ever. I’m good with that.

In its original form, each horoscope, the individual entry for each sign, was lovingly crafted in a trailer park, in old South Austin, back in the day. Each entry was supposed to be a stand-alone entry. It could be consumed with — or without — context and narrative thread.

Some habits are hard to break. Still, the way it works, whether there is a connection between the individual charts or not?

The weekly horoscopes are not a single-serving size. One size does not fit all. Some days, you’re the Ascendant. Some days, you’re the Rising sign. Some days, it’s the Moon. Never can tell.

That’s why?

Not Labeled for Individual Resale

See the fineprint for rules.

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